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Go from hero to zero in being a Professional and certified android malware analyst

In the Android Malware Analysis course, participants will obtain the knowledge and skills to  Perform static malware analysis, Perform dynamic malware analysis, Detect malicious and data exfiltration code, Reverse engineer APKs, understand Android security architecture, Understand Android attack surface.
 Participants will perform these tasks by learning and implementing tools and techniques while examining malicious programs.

An Introduction to IT and Cyber Security


Anyone who is interested in the IT or cybersecurity industries should take the Introduction to IT and Cyber Security training course. There are no prerequisites for this entry-level IT course, and you are not required to have any prior IT work experience. It includes a broad overview that will be useful as you think about a career in cybersecurity or information technology. The IT and cybersecurity industries are appealing for a variety of reasons. The demand for it is really high, first and foremost. Due to the rising number of cyberattacks and threats, businesses are increasingly in need of professionals to safeguard their data and other digital assets.  In fact, there are more competent people needed to fill the need for IT specialists than there are available workers to fill that demand. This implies that qualified IT and cybersecurity experts will almost certainly be able to find jobs that offer a high level of job security. Additionally, most IT and cybersecurity experts make a good living, particularly as their careers progress. In order to help students better determine which IT industry they want to pursue a career in, this course was designed to give them an overview of the principles of IT and Cyber Security. 

  • Beginners who are interested in IT and Cyber Security world
  • Business people who need to know the basics of IT and Cyber Security
  • CIA and CPA auditors who want to audit IT environments 

  • Extremely basic knowledge regarding computers required

  • An introduction to computer hardware and software 
  • Learn how software is built from scratch 
  • Learn the basics of database management systems
  • Learn essential Database operations 
  • Learn about Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Concepts
  • Learn servers and Operating Systems essentials 
  • Learn basic cloud concepts
  • Learn basic Web concepts
  • Learn essential cyber security concepts
  • Be familiar with data classification and information protection approaches
  • Learn about main IT control frameworks 
  • Familiarize yourself with application controls 

Course Curriculum

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