Ethical Hacking With Kali Linux: Made Easy eBook 2022

Go from zero to hacker with this comprehensive eBook

A breadth of cyber security topics in one eBook

Content Summary

 The book examines various ethical hacking and penetration testing concepts and techniques employed in the computing world. It will take you from a beginner to advanced level. I will discuss various topics ranging from traditional to modern ones, such as Networking security, Linux security, Web Applications structure and security, Mobile Applications architecture and security, Hardware security, and the hot topic of IoT security. At the end of the book, I will share with you some real attacks.

The layout of the book is easy to walk-through. My purpose is to present you with case exposition and show you actual attacks, while utilizing a large set of KALI tools (Enumeration, Scanning, Exploitation, Persistence Access, Reporting and Social Engineering tools) in order to get you started quickly.

Before jumping into penetration testing, you will first learn how to set up your own lab and install the needed software to get you started. All the attacks explained in this book are launched against real devices, and nothing is theoretical. The book will demonstrate how to fully control victims' devices such as servers, workstations, and mobile phones. The book can also be interesting to those looking for quick hacks such as controlling victim's camera, screen, mobile contacts, emails and SMS messages.

Learn simplified ethical hacking techniques from scratch
Perform an actual Mobile attack
Master 2 smart techniques to crack into wireless networks
Learn more than 9 ways to perform LAN attacks
Learn Linux basics
Learn 10+ web application attacks
Learn more than 5 proven methods of Social Engineering attacks
Obtain 20+ skills any penetration tester needs to succeed
Make better decisions on how to protect your applications and network
Upgrade your information security skills for a new job or career change
Learn how to write a professional penetration testing report

Anyone who wants to learn how to secure their systems from hacker
Anyone who wants to learn how hackers can attack their computer systems
Anyone looking to become a penetration tester (From zero to hacker)
Computer Science, Computer Security, and Computer Engineering Students

You can as well enjoy the JUICY BONUS section at the end of the book, which shows you how to setup useful portable Pentest Hardware Tools that you can employ in your attacks. The book comes with a complete Github repository containing all the scripts and commands needed.

I have put my years of experience into this book by trying to answer many of the questions I had during my journey of learning. I have as well took the feedback and input of many of my students, peers, and professional figures.

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Mohamad Mahjoub

Mohamad Mahjoub is a prolific writer, trainer, speaker, and a cyber security expert. A licensed and certified CISSP, ISO 27005 Risk Manager, ISO 27001 Lead Implementer, CISA, PMP, ITIL, and Data Protection Officer (GDPR). He obtained his Master’s Degree in Computer Science from the Lebanese American University, where he graduated with magna cum laude. Mohamad is the author of the book “Ethical Hacking with Kali and More”, in addition to being a speaker at key cyber security events.

Mohamad’s accomplishment and research acumen is a drive force that’s rooted in his professionalism. He is trained and certified to offer first-hand professional cyber security services to individuals and companies. Since 2012, Mohamad has delivered many cyber security courses and topics to fresh graduates, IT professionals, senior and executive management, and business owners, that’s on top of his online multi-lingual online cyber security courses that have more than 100,000 students enrolled worldwide. Currently, Mohamad works as CISO for a multinational company, where he is responsible for the security of IT and OT operations throughout the Middle East area. With more than 17 years of experience in the cyber security field, Mohamad is a trusted expert who has established a track record of success in the cyber security domain.

In a world of ubiquitous technology; Mohamad believes that mobile security is more important than ever.